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Baking has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up learning to bake cakes from scratch with the help of a family friend. The love for baking has continued to expand ever since.


While cupcakes began the retail side of my hobby, opening a retail storefront in 2011 called Copper Lantern Cupcakes, scones and cookies were just as involved. Transitioning away from the storefront allowed me to focus on a wider array of sweet confections! Scones and cookies have always been a favorite and now I can give them more of my attention! All of my sweet treats are made to order, making them the freshest possible since I only make them when you order them!


I love to create new flavor combinations between traditional, fruit and savory ingredients, so go ahead and ask for something unique if you don't see your favorite flavor in the listing.  

I hope you enjoy taking this sweet journey with me! 

Sconeridge Bakery is a Home Bakery licensed in El Dorado County.

Permit #7314 

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